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Need Advise on Buying!!!!

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  • Need Advise on Buying!!!!

    Again I need everyones advise on setting up my shop.

    I have a complete machine shop and the following welding equipment:

    MM135, MM172, MM Vintage, MM 250Synchro, MM Trailblazer, Pak Master 50 Plasma Cutter (Thermal Dynamics).

    Questions: Should I opt to buy the MM2050 Plasma Cutter or the Dynasty given funds will only allow one??


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    Does your current plasma cutter do what you need? Does the Syncrowave handle all your requirements? Do you have any inclination to take your TIG/Plasma work mobile?

    If your current equipment does all you need, then keep it and save your money. If you want mobile plasma capabilities, then does your current plasma cutter run well from your Trailblazer. If not, then the 2050 definitely does well from the Trailblazer. It, the 2050, will give you great mobile capabilities.

    If you want mobile TIG capabilities, then the Dynasty 200DX is a good way to go when you need all the control. Otherwise a HF251D-1 high frequency stabilizer box at $800 give or take will do a good job tigging from the Trailblazer at 1/3 the cost.

    The rest is up to you. I own the D200DX and the Spectrum 2050. Until recently I used them both for mobile work powered from my Trailblazer. Now they are strictly shop machines. My buyer for my mobile equipment came through as promised and I am doing specialty alloy TIG work from my shop. There a number of reasons for this that have already been addressed in another post, but I mentioned it here only to say these machines are shop and road worthy: the 2050 and the D200DX.