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The Road Show comes to St. Louis=now I'm all BLUE

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  • The Road Show comes to St. Louis=now I'm all BLUE

    Just a note of thanks to all who contribute to this board with good and critical revues of various equipment. The Road Show came to Cee Kay Supply in St. Louis MO on Thursday and Friday With a load of good stuff in addition to a huge assortment of demo and used machines offered by Cee Kay. I stalked a Dynasty 200 DX as one of the first sales of the day (to replace my trusty red 175). I then had time to shop around the rest of the sale where I taked myself into a factory reman Spectrum 625. I have a red Pro Cut 25 that will be on the back of the trailer door for sale at the drag strip this weekend! The main reson for this post is to thank Miller, The area Miller rep Tully P. and all of the good folks who work at Cee Kay for putting on an open house that allows everyone access to a good deals that don't come along every day. Thanks , JEFF
    200DX 350P 625 Plasma & other stuff I forgot

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    This would be a good question for andy. Any road shows in canada?


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      The show comes to canada later this year.
      See attached tentative schedule.
      Check with the Distributor listed for final dates.


      Hope this works....
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