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    It's either the MM625 or the MM2050. I know the diff's are the cut rate. Which machine has been on the scene the most and giving little thought to $$, I assume everyone would go with the MM2050, RIGHT??

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    Yes. Faster cut rate and thicker cut capacity! In addition to all other good things this machine has a removable torch and Auto-Line circuitry. If you can afford it and are ok with the extra 20lbs of carry weight, then get the 2050.


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      I just bought the 625 in January and I couldn't be happier with it! I had 2 things to consider when I was choosing, cost (how much I was willing to spend) and what would I need to cut. If you can justify the 2050 I would go for it, but don't look down on the 625 either. If I had to voice a complaint on the 625 it would be with the instruction manual. (my only complaint) The manual is pretty basic, plug it in, add air. I had very little experience with plasma before buying this machine and with 2 months use I could write better instructions. For instance, I have learned to carve with it like you would with a torch. It puts out a flame about an inch long and I wash out metal, like a torch. I find myself looking for things to cut now.
      Last week I had to do a cutting job away from my shop and I had to use my Oxy-Act torch. It was terrible, The metal was rusty and I was cutting an area that was plated. The plasma would have burned right through, the torch was SLOW and popped a lot. I'm spoiled already!