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    I've located a Millermatic 200 for $700. Is this a fair price for an older Miller? I know that this forum is not about money but about people geting together and sharing ideas and knowledge about welding. I do some minor work right now, but will be taking a 2 yr.
    course in the art to further my knowledge.....Thanks for your help.


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    Holland if you can get the tag info that should tell how old it is and you are the judge of its overall condition. Most of these machines if abused badly look like it if it looks good it probably is.
    $700 doesn't sound too bad if its a nice clean machine if not it might be a tad high for my blood. Ultimtely it your bucks, hope this helps!

    ps. look inside if its an inch deep in muck it may have been wet


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      the Millermatic200 is a workhorse... with a duty cycle equivalent to the MM251 and MM-Vintage... this machine has a duty cycle of 200amps @60percent and 250amps @40percent.. so if it is a good one.. that is a fair price.. but I would try to get the price down a bit... the power supply is bulletproof... things to look for are the condition of the contactor... make sure that it consistantly makes and breaks.. they do need to be replaced every few years.. and the condition of the wire feed rolls and drive motor.. should feed smoothly ... the outside condition of the case may or may not tell you much about its real condition... look inside...... many of these ended up in garages and bodyshops where they were lightly used but ended up fitlhy... try and find out the history of the machine.. and how it was used.... this "old" model by far outclasses the MM210 and is a bargain compared to the approx $1800 that you would have to pay for an equivalent new MM251.......
      bottom line is that if it works well.. it is in the ballpark.. cosmetics can be a bargaining point... I have one and it is just a darned good all around mig welder...
      hope this helps

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        The MM200 was Miller's bread and butter for years when times were slow. It is a bullet proof unit that weld great.
        When ever I'm at an auction and see one, I scarf it up. I have never sold one for less than $700.00! Make sure the gun is in good working condition and as Heiti said, the way it looks may be in your favor.

        good luck!


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          Hey, its my first post I hope I don't violate any forum rules. Anyways, at my schools shop, we have a millermatic 200 in the corner running with C02. Runs great. The only problems we've had were the feeding problems, until I looked inside and found that the drive rolls were worn down to almost glass-like smoothness. Just check those, and you should be good. The thing is bullet proof, we've had it for a good number of years, and it runs about two hours straight on average, but when I stay behind and work, its anywhere from 2 hours straight (with cooldown time of course) to 4. Its a solidly built machine, and i wouldn't mind having one in my house. For $700, I'd go for it.