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Plasma and dry clean air???

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  • Plasma and dry clean air???

    Hey guys... cool place!

    My question was regarding the air quality fed to the Plasma cutter. I have acquired an air dryer which I plan to use along with some filters... I see lots of you guys use the MotorGuard filter... for what reason, has it been found to be the most effective? The reason I ask is that I have access to filters that would be found in a HVAC pneumatic system at cost prices do to the line of work that I'm in. Would there be a reason to not use these if the flow rates are OK? Here are the specs

    - 30 SCFM @ 100 PSI
    - 150 PSI MAX Pressure
    - Filtration of 0.01 Micron
    - Bowl Capacity of 3.8 Fl oz

    Filters are a little Pricy 40$ per... but the unit is much smaller than the MotorGuard, is flow gonna be severly reduced when the filter gets dirty to the point of reduicing Plasma performance???

    Does anybody else run something other then the MotorGuard???

    Please let me know your setup



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    I have used Motor guard for the past 10 yrs.(WHY?) my welding supply company told me that most plasma cutter companies recomend them.(THATS what THEY SAID). anyway,the big thing is not that the air was to get resticted but that dirty air and moisture if given the chance will cause wear on the consumables,and you will see the affect on the cut.(wider curf,and sputtering of the arc),i buy a case of 4 filters from my [email protected] the price of 12.50 ea.Most important is that you have some type of moisture filter in place.hope this is of some help.
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      I have a Rol-Air compressor that I run a water sepatator on the output. That's it! I do not have any problems with short lived or blown consumables. However, this compressor never has produced a lot of moisture. I drain it after each use and before I start the first use of the day.

      I also have a small 5HP electric compressor that I run an in-line screw on filter, made by Water-Gaurd out of Texas, at the ouput. This little unit works well. Replacement filters are about $7.00.

      Neither of these separators or filters have caused any problems for my plasma cutters over the last 7 years. Some folks go overboard with a separator, paper filter, and dessicant dryer. I just use what works.

      Maybe one day I'll try the Miller Motor Guard, but so far so good. Just get relatively clean and dry air to your plasma cutter and you will be fine.


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        The real beef is when you do a lot of cutting and your air supply picks up that moisture from the compressor running all the time. If you are only doing short cut runs, the built in seperator will do you fine. I ONLY have an air dryer system on my CNC plasma table. All the portable units I use as is.

        So if you are the average hobby end-user or light fab guy, save your money.

        Miller sells both the Motorguard and the Eliminizer filters. Part #s are 042306 and 195188.

        Good luck