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    Is this feeder able to be used with an Econotig? A guy looking to buy my econotig mentioned this unit. I have no experience or knowledge of this type of unit. I understand that it can be used with an engine drive. How does this take CC and use it for CV as in mig? How well does it work? I don't want to sell him something that isn't going to work well.


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    IM going to give this a try.From what i have seen about the 3045f feeder it will work on your machine for it is a CC.(Constant current)CV (Constant Voltage) type feeder,but it shows it to be for Flux Core operation.I think i might ask the guy as to what application he might be wanting to use the feeder for.As for Short-arc process it wont work because you machine is a CC.machine.The voltage would be some where in the 30 volt range.As for Globular applcation it migth work.I have a 2 Lincoln LN-25 feeders.One i use to Flux Core the other for solid wire Short-arc and also Spray application off my Trailblazer.Maybe Hawk can add to this to help you also...i hope this is of some help.
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      The Econotig is a CC machine as required for a SMAW/GTAW powersource. However, at 150 amps your arc voltage is around 25 volts. This is peaking the upper end of the machine capacity. I doubt the 3045 will perform well if at all. The Econotig is a nice little GTAW machine capable of a variety of tasks within its amperage range. I do not believe it has the "fortitude" required to drive a wire feeder that adjusts its speed according to the arc voltage. In the CC mode this is how the 3045FC operates. If you have such a set up available, you could test it. I think you will be disappointed, but I would like to know for sure.


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        Re: Doubtful?

        Originally posted by HAWK

        If you have such a set up available, you could test it. I think you will be disappointed, but I would like to know for sure.
        Me too. Been looking at that one a while. It does have a gas kit available, BTW.

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          Thanks guys, I didn't think this was going to do what he wanted. he thought it was going to be just like a wire feeder. I'm trying to sell the Econotig, don't need two tig machines. I thought it would give tig cheap as it did me when I got it.



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            The Econotig is a nice beginner's machine. It is natural to want a nicer machine as you get better at the process. You have probably posted and I missed it, but what other machine do you use?