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    Bought a .023-.025 MIG gun liner yesterday. The one that came with my unit was a .030-.035. Since I plan to use a lot of .023 solid wire I asked about the importance of matching liner to wire.Your answer was yes. As you can see I took your advice.

    I haven't welded with the unit since changing the liner but I did make one observation, confirming what you said. Before changing the liner (.030-.035 and .023 solid wire) I observed quite a bit of in and out movement of the wire, almost 1/2 inch. After changing the liner, wire movement was noticeably less. Since I am inexperienced at MIG welding that might give me the edge I need.

    Also; got my Big Window Elite late yesterday. Will try it out and post my opinion from a newbie standpoint. I am really impressed with physical appearance, fit and feel.

    Long post but hope it is helpful to someone else.


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    Thank you for changing your liner!

    I hope you can shed some insite for others on the performance differences you notice.

    Good luck!