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TIG classes in or around Charlotte/Mooresville???

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  • TIG classes in or around Charlotte/Mooresville???

    Hey guys,

    does anyone know of any TIG training available in or around Charlotte or Mooresville?? I've been able to TIG steel fine, but aluminum has been a little frustrating.

    In one of AskAndy's previous posts, he mentioned that he could get his students weld a decent bead fairly quickly. Where does he teach??


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    I am in MIG class at Rowan Cabarrus Community College in Salisbury, and plan on taking TIG this fall. They offer day and night classes, and have a very talented group of instructors.


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      Sorry, been out for awhile. Where are you at? If you want, I can show you a few things at my shop after hours one day. I'm sure I can get you going with the basics in a half hour or so. Then it's just practice on your side. I have the Dynasty machines here so they may be different than what you have but the overall technique is the same.

      I just lost one of my guys to NASCAR. He took a job as an inspector. Figures They come here and learn from me and take off to the glory job Anyway, I'm a little behind so just let me know in advance.



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        Thanks for the offer, that would be great. I've currently got a brand new Synchrowave 180. I've been helping a Busch team on a part-time basis and I really need to improve my Tig welding.

        Right now I'm spliting my time between Delaware and Asheboro,NC. I'm in the Mooresville area every week. I'll be moving to Mooresville soon.

        Please e-mail me at: [email protected]
        I'd like to stop over and ask a couple of questions.

        Hope to here from you soon.