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    Thanks for the input. Today I stopped at Airgas and they confirmed that it is a harris built and the heads do interchange but to change the handle is a little pricy. I put a set of arrestors on the charge and will install next weekend. Thanks you may have saved my neck by just making me think about equipment I've owned and used for 20 years. This is good equipment but it will be better by making it safer.



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      Safety is what it's all about, if you want to hang around and get old. It's nice to hear that something Craftsman makes has parts that interchange with the manufacturer. I don't buy any more of their power tools for that reason though.

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        Blondie I don't buy there anymore either but I do have a bunch of their old stuff. The torch is one they built for about 15 years unchanged only changed the color of the handle and it is made of aluminum instead of brass, in hard conditions it probably wouldn't last but it is fine for the job here and now. Most of my hand tools are Dewalt and the have served me well, only a couple of burned out switches in 8-12 years of service, and that isn't too bad for as hard as I use them.


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          I was a Victor fan until I got my Oxweld setup. I took the ox reg to a welding store for a question and the guy say's feel how heavy this is. I have every size brazing tip they make prob won't use them all..Bob
          Bob Wright


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            I have not tried one, but it sounds nice. I sold all my Victor stuff about 5 years ago and typically use a plasma except for heavy duty heating and bending. I usually rent by the job for this work. I have thought about purchasing a small set up just for backhand welding of aluminum-just one more thing to fill an empty shop space.


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              Ahh, I would love to weld alum with a torch I used to watch my dad do it. I have too many irons in the fire..Bob
              Bob Wright


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                Gas Welding Aluminum

                HAWK & aametalmaster
                gas welding of aluminum used to be fairly common up until the middle 1970s on tanks and aluminum bodywork for race car stuff... it left a nice flat bead... the biggest problem was the orange flare that you would get just before it puddled.. there were goggles especially made for it called BurtWeld.. I still have a pair... they work very well at eliminating that flare... but have not been made in about 30 years.. the practice had nearly died out up until recently with the resurgence of panelbeating and hand built cars.... and I understand that there are even better goggles out there now... they are not cheap but neither are your eyes..
                here is a link


                he has a pretty wide range of tools for forming sheet into dreams
                Have Fun


                BTW.. the fluxes used were pretty nasty... hope that they have improved............................. AND .... if you thought you had to move pretty fast when Tigging Aluminum?... wait till ya try a torch!! the HAZ is pretty big... get ready to strap on the JATO bottles...... 8*)

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                  I have a Craftsman torch made by Harris. As far as I have ever seen, everything but the emblem is exactly Harris and exchanges with all Harris torch tips, etc. It is about 15 years old. Cuts metal just like any other.


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                    qualls yours probably didn't come with arrestors on it either and you are correct exactly harris equipment. My buddy has the same deal only his is the comercial model made of brass and everything swaps. After all these years the only problem was a bad diaphram in a regulator after I loaned it to a family member! I think he could knock corners off an Iron ball with a q-tip!!!Nonetheless it has served me well since I was in my teens some 20 years ago. By the way the new craftsman equipment is not the same.