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  • Vintage??

    Does my Vintage have "wire speed tracking. Everyone tells me to buy a MM 210 or 251, but I really like my "Vinatge.

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    Not sure, but I don't think so. I wouldn't get rid of a Vintage for either welder you mentioned. The 251 has more power at the top end but not enough for me to switch.


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      The Vintage is a great machine. I think people are recommending the the 210 and 251 because these are current production models. The Vintage was recently phased out and is not a current offereing.

      The disappearance of the Vintage from Miller's line does not mean it is less than a good machine. I think Miller has discontinued some great machines in recent times including my all time favorite MIG machine: CP252TS. It is a great tapped slope CV power source. The one I used came out of Hendrix Motor Sports about 3 years ago. It had one of the nicest MIG arcs I ever used! That is just to say because the machine is not in the current offering does not mean to sell it and get a new one.


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        Jweld the mm210 is a fine machine as is the mm251 but I had the choice of all three when I bought mine and it came down to dollars and cents. I wanted versatility for Al, SS and mild steel in mig the most economical of the three was the mm210. The vintage is in the middle in power but if your pushing it that hard to make a step up than go with an Invision 354mp with wire feeder. Honestly if you have the vintage it is a fantastic machine and a real work horse unless your up against the duty cycle or it is really old and broken down I wouldn't even think about it.

        If you decide to step up let me know I know someone who was disapointed he missed out on the vintage and doesn't like the electronics of the mm251, and he called mine a toy but I can do more with it than he can with his powermig200 from lincoln.

        Weld on


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          The 354MP you mentioned is a fine GMAW power source. It has many great features including built in pulse rather than having an extra module to get synergic pulse capabilities. However, unless JWELD has access to 3 phase power the weld output will be limited to 225 amps at 60% duty cycle. This is enough power to easily go to spray around 28 volts with a 92%argon/8%CO2 shielding gas. It is still capable of 3/16 arc gouging and running a killer SMAW arc all in single phase! Good recommendation.


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            Thanks for all the responses. My Vintage has no more than 50 hours on it, so I guess it is just getting broken in. Thanks will keep it for sure now.