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    Hi Andy, I like to know which is the best welder miller makes for auto body repairs, for instance: frames, fabs on body etc. that is also can do aluminum, and stainless steel. But also stays in the 2,000.00 rage. thanks!

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    The 210 would get you there but the 251 would be better in the long haul.


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      Chilli: welcome aboard and cope is exactly right I do some of these same types of work and the mm210 does it very well. If I get into any heavier I do multipass and am just more patient. I bought the spoolgun at the same time and if you think you might ever want to do Aluminum it is great to have the option, and best of all no change over with the gun on demand system.


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        I bought a MM 210 2 1/2 years ago and I can't say enough good things about it! I also got the spool gun that gives me alum and other capabilities. The best thing the machine has two gas valves so you can leave the spool gun hooked up full time and grab it and go with out time wasted hooking and unhooking. The 210 is under rated at 3/8". I have used the 250's red and blue and the 210 has equal quality of weld. I worked on semi trailers for 30 years and the 210 would have handled everything I ever welded. I welded a lot of suspensions and king pin/upper couplers. I now have my own business repairing construction equipment and the 210 does what I need to do. I ordered mine from an ebay dealer by calling his 800 number. I ordered it on a thursday and had it on the following monday, shipped from Miller. And it paid for itself in less than 3 months. Happy hunting.


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          i agree with timw. i also have a mm210 and it works great. i have the same set-up with the spool-gun. and it's a great feature. i've made everything from receiver hitches to major body work on a friends cj-7. you can get the welder plus spool-gun for under 2000.00 i got mine when miller had a special on the mm210. buy the machine and get the spool-gun free. i couldn't ask for a better machine.


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            These guys all have it goin on! The 210/spoolgun package is the best value for the money. For anything you need to do in automotive, it rocks.

            Good luck!



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              Hey guy, I'm glad to hear that all of you are in complete agreement. Thanks for the valuable imformation, what better way than to ask real pros! Thanks!!