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    Hoping to make it home in time tomorrow to pick up my Dynasty 200 DX from the welding shop, else I'll have to wait until Monday. I'm a hobbyist, most of what I work on is for either my '85 Suburban or my '68 Chevy pro-street pickup. I wanted to be able to weld aluminum, mostly for the '68 and the Craftsman MIG I have probably wouldn't do the job. I bought the Dynasty earlier this week, and like I said above, am hoping to pick it up soon and get started. Looks like you guys have a fantastic resource here - between this forum and the Miller Education pages, I think I'll be off to a good start. I have TIG welded before with an ancient Lincoln (company owned it, I had nothing to do with that) IdealArc and absolutely loved it. I had a good enough setup to do parent welding of some stainless 'cans' we had onto machined parts that had to be sealed and they ended up looking like a machine did them. I'm really excited to get started.

    Enough blabbering, just kinda wanted to introduce myself.
    Shaky Jake
    Director, Institute for the Torment of Helpless Metals and Flying Brick Aerodynamic Studies

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    Shakey Jake welcome and I hope you enjoy the new Equipment. Keep us up on your progress.

    Weld well


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      Welcome aboard! The D200DX is a fantastic machine! Congratulations on your purchase. When I learned to TIG the Lincoln IdealArc fast became my favorite machine. If you have any problems getting going with your Dynasty, just let us know. I have a D200DX that I use most everyday. It is used often and hard and has never even hinted at giving less than excellent performance! There are quite a few guys on this forum with the Dynasty series. Miller has truly outdone theirselves with this machine. It is hard to believe this little 45 lb box will do everything from .004" hastealloy ribbon up to fillets on 3/8" 6061T-651 plate! There are some changes necessary to get the 3/8" fillets, but it can be done.