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welding cast steel

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  • welding cast steel

    I need some help. I need to know what type electrode to stick weld mild steel to cast steel and a basic procedure to do so. thanks.


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    Welcome to the forum, on cast most of the time I usse Ni 99 rod with about 15 degree back hand usually set up to get the feel of it on steel about the thickness of the material to be welded. Prep is the most important groove it enough to get penetration but not deep enough to blow through. Clean the area with acetone or alcohol and let it totally evaporate before welding. Remember blending dissimilar metels is a call for patience and these rod are expensive, if I remember the last I bought cost $18 per pound luckily my supplier will sell in lb increments and break full boxes to fill an order.

    Good luck and remember patience and practice.


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      From my time with dealing with cast Steel.(NOT Cast-iron).)I Bevel the pieces to a 60 degree included angle then clamp together for fit-up.Pre-Heat to 150F.I use Smaw process..(Stick).7018,DC Electrode.Reverse Pol.I watch that i dont go over 350F interpass temp.If you are welding in multiple passess make sure that you power wire brush all slag out of the weld area between passes so you dont get slag inclusion.Ive had pretty good luck this way.maybe others can give some more insight into this...Good Luck.
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        Without knowing your specific application and requirements it is hard to recommend the best method for joining cast steel to mild steel. I have used the MIG process with ER70S-6 and 75%ar/25%CO2 with good success. I have also welded small cast steel parts such as transmission shifter forks with a 55% nickel electrode. The truck is still running 3 years down the road. This was an industrial application in a fork lift transmission.

        The more critical the application the more attention to detail required: Follow Welder99's advice and take the time to bevel your parts and restrain them in a jig if possible. If you do not have access to a non contact IR thermometer, use heat stick to check your preheat temperature. Oxy-Acetylene is not required for the preheat. A plumbers torch with MAP gas will work fine.


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          I've had good results using the procedure that Welder99 described. Your local welding supplier should have "Tempil Sticks" get a 150 degree stick and a 350 degree stick and use those to monitor your temperature. I've also used this process on forged steel too.

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