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    Just a note, DeWalt was purchased in 1960 by Black and Decker, and Skil is owned by Bosch, they consider the Skil brand their lowend or consumer grade. Good info on clamping and not binding the work, I have jammed the blade even while clamped and it always seems to trash the blade. Paul
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      the standard coarse carbide blade on a power miter box has worked fine for me on aluminum... I keep a stream of spray lube like WD40 at the blade and material juncture... end up with nice clean cuts... have used several different brands of saw and style of blade.. coarse blades with a sharp carbide edge seem to work best.. cuts aluminum like butter... makes a cut as nice as I can do with the milling machine with much quicker setup..... as with anything... careful setup and clamping will help to avoid mishaps...(also make sure that the blade is up to speed before starting the cut and take your time).....
      hope this helps

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        I've got a Black & Decker chopper that sits in the corner. It has a very cheap badly designed bed that always cuts crooked. For cutting small rounds and tubbing I spent money on a good heavy blade tension type hacksaw and some lennox blades and have been able to cut amazingly fast and with only a few strokes of a file more accurate. I was just telling the son-in-law last night out in the shop that I can't remember when I changed the blade the last time.

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          DeWalt 852 saw


          I have a DeWalt 852, the 14" carbide dry cut saw. I am not in the business, just a hobbist who is lucky enough to have a wife who used to own a welding and steel supply business. She'd see me cutting material with the elbow operated saw and say "why don't you get a chop saw?". Good enough for me!

          These saws cut very well. Fast, clean, and no blade wonder. The idea works for all the manufacturers.

          Specifically, the DeWalt. I had oil seeping out of the motor casing when I received mine. The packing cardboard was soaked. Contacted DeWalt and got the answer that couldn't happen because they use a grease, not oil in the gear box. A few times around the e-mail tree, and I took it to the local warranty station. Not convinced they even opened it....either time it took it there. There is no provision to check, fill, or replace the lube in the gear box. First time I picked it up from the warranty stattion, the lady made the comment, "Go burn it up". Strange. But, it is working. Don't know if it would be if I were in the business.

          The table and clamping system. I examined many types of chop saws before I purchased, and all of them have just terrible table/clamp set ups. The one nice thing about the DeWalt, is the saw mount is on a flat surface, which simplified making a new table. Have a friend who runs a welding / machine shop who came up with the idea, and made for me a new table. It is 24" X 24" of 1/2" steel plate with a threaded 1/2" hole every 1". Now I use clamps like you would on a mill, or other T-Slot table device. No terribly practicle. I just got lucky (agian) to have a friend who would do this for me.

          Up shot, like the slow carbide blade, not impressed with the DeWalt company (especially the very small writing that says "Made in China"), and all the tables and clamps are sewer fodder.

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            I think you have the DeWalt DW872, in case anyone else wants to look for one. I know because I have one too, only I've never had a lick of problems with it. Best steel saw I've ever used, and I was IN the business!

            Actually, mine's still for sale. Had a few bites, but nothing in the creel yet.

            I owned and daily used over two dozen DeWalt power tools. Only my 7.2V cordless screwdriver recently broke at the clutch. It was repaired under warranty (exactly one year old) in just a couple of weeks turnaround. Most of my DeWalts are older than that, with my hammerdrill the oldest. All have been excellent power tools, and I recommend them highly. Sorry you had such a weird experience.


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              Wrong Model Number

              No doubt you are correct about the model number. 852 is from another part of my life.

              I hope my experience was unusual. Each time I got the saw back, drips would still form under the gear box by the next day. First answer was "grease will break down and give off oil when it's warm". Probably true, but I am in Alaska, and it was winter, and I hadn't used it to make it warm. We run a kit of DeWalt cordless tools at work and they've been working just fine.

              I can't honestly say if the drip is or isn't a problem yet. I'm hoping I don't find out by burning it up, they're not cheap! I can say it cuts like mad!


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                SMOKE IT!

                i would say you got a bad saw . you should take the advice of youre repair shop and lock down the blade and smoke the moter right out of that thing so he can give you another 1 b4 you sit out your warenty wondering if it will live or is bleading oil put it out of its misery it has a birth defect.
                i built custom homes for 20 years and never had a dewalt home shop now is all yellow and blue.well i also have some red (milwauke)another fine tool my sawsall is 15 years old and still strong.
                kill that saw and get on with youre welding
                thanks for the help
                hope i helped
                feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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