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How to Build your own Metal Forge

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  • How to Build your own Metal Forge

    I recently did a google search for "how to build a metal forge". I came up with all kinds of info on how to. I am still putting things together that I need but apparently they can be very simple to make from old stuff. They talk about using shop vacs for blowers, mig wire tips for gas nozzles, old grill regulators. I am looking at building one that I will stack fire brick around what I'm heating to make it fit many different items and be efficent. Also a friend has offered me an old oil furnace with pressure feed. I'm looking into that also, oil would be cheaper than propane.
    So now that I put a bug in your ear, can you also see the possibilities? Or am I loosing it?

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    TimW: I have seen something done like what you are talking about. A friend is into hand made swords, he has a forge made of a piece of 10"x 1/4" pipe lined with firebrick. The pipe is split with a hinge open totally on one end and uses a squirrel cage fan with a duct to force air through. He only uses charcoal brickettes and forced air and does very well. He says that 3-4 bags will build a pretty good sword from 1 1/2" bar stock. I've seen his work and its not bad his etching is not good but is getting better. He has been doing it for about 7-8 monthes so Im not too hard on him.

    Hope this helps even though it is low tech. Keep us up on your progress. weld well


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      I have built a refractory furnace for melting aluminum and use the same home made burner that is used in forges. It burns propane and is naturally aspirated so it does not need a blower.

      There are lots of good burner designs. Lots of info is on Ron Reil's site One of the better designs is the monster burner

      There is also a good explanation of burner design principles at
      Backyard metalcasting, backyard foundries, and basics about working with metal.