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    Ring roller


    Basic ring rollers are easily made. You probably have the necessary metal in your junk box. I think 2.5 inches in 3/16 is doable.

    Do the rings have to be metal or are they decorative? How precise do they have to be. I am thinking PVC schedule whatever.Can be cut with a power miter saw with carbide blade.

    If they have to be metal there are pipe or tubes that have 2.5 OD and can be cut with a chop saw.

    Hope this helps.


    PS: Sorry. Just saw the need for them to be accurate and precise. accurate and precise. Sounds like a job for the lathe.


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      They need to be metal and reasonably precise even though they are decorative. I cut some rings from some pipe using a glycol cooled band saw. They turned out well with a little blade marking. I was able to clean them up with a die grinder and the red Scotch Brite pads. I am still looking at my options.



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        hawk, check out they have all kinds of wrought iron forming tools. they have a bender/roller/riveter that seems like what you might want. the practical model will do 3/16 round and 3/4x1/2 flat. they dont specify minimum diameter, but you could e-mail them and find out. the practical model is only 225.00 they also have a larger one that costs 485.00 that will handle larger diameters. they'll also send free catalogs.


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          Thanks for the site. They look like quality tools. I especially like the 3/3 scroller. It is nicer than what I have, but at 3x the price I'll have to wait a while. Both the benders are really nice too. However, they show the angle of bend as 180 to 60 degrees.


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            Sorry i did not read the 2nd page befor posting but here it isagain.

            They have a video that shows how it works