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    Is anyone going to the miller show in Atanta? Is it a good place to get a deal on a tig machine?

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    I have made plans to be there. There can be some good deals found. Typically 25% off list on new equipment. There will also be some used stuff floating around. It is pretty much first come first served on the used stuff. What type GTAW machine are you wanting? DC, AC/DC, classic transformer like the Syncrowave, inverter like the Maxstar and Dynasty series, etc?


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      Hawk, I'm looking at a syncrowave 250. I'll be welding chrome moly & aluminium cast. I welcome any other suggestions. Any tips on welding cast aluminium tranny cases?


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        You may want to look at the Dynasty DX series in either 200 or 300 amps. Why? They will out weld the Syncrowave on aluminum, especially cast, simply because of the the adjustable balance. Even though the manual lists the Dynasty series as being adjustable from 30%-90% electrode negative, its actual range is 30-99%EN. The Dynasty DX series has pulse and sequencing funtions. These features combined are particulary important to the welding of cast and dirty aluminum. The high pulse rate (500PPS) can really float the impurities to the top leaving a much more solid weld without the oxide inclusions associated with less than "clean" aluminum. This high pulse rate can also be used to weld anodized aluminum tube, etc without grinding the anodized coating away before welding. this give a much neater weld and touch up, which is not really feasible, is not necessary.

        The 99% EN balance is very important in typical DCSP welding applications. Weld with AC and crank up the balance. You are basically welding with DC. Now you have gained the advantages of arc control, cleaning action, and the ability to weld very thin material due to the cooling of the tungsten through the AC advanced square wave cycle.

        As to which amperage unit to buy: Most transmission cases can be done at 180 amps or less. I have the Dynasty D200DX. I can weld 1/4" butt, lap, and corner welds at 200 amps with 100% argon. It is amazing that this little 45 pound box with a carry handle will easily do this!

        I often have the need to weld 1/4" fillets on large square footage 3003 alloy weldments and even 3/8" fillets on 6061-T651 alloy. Yes, I do it all with the D200DX. How does this 200 amp inverter pack the punch I need? Since I am welding at the upper end of the amperage range I changed over to the Miller Diamond back #20 watercooled torch and a Coolmate 4 cooler. This torch is very small, light weight and extremely flexible. You can literally tie it in knots and still use it! Next I changed from 100% argon to a 75%helium/25%argon mixture. The helium adds enough heat to the arc to accomplish these thicker welds. I do not preheat or thermally insulate. The D200DX is that good! The helium does widen the weld, but I turn up the arc frequency to refocus the arc. I run a 3/32" 1.5% or 2% lanthanated tungsten at the equivalent of 300 amps and it just keeps on going. It will really take the heat.

        In addition to the adjustable EN balance and arc frequency contol (20HZ-250HZ), the machine is adjustable every which way imaginable. You can even set it to start at any amperage you choose regardless of the weld amperage.

        The rated duty cycle at 200 amps is 20%. However, I have found that the cooling fan kicks off in 2 minutes or less. I have never been able to burn the machine up. I have tried with 100% helium at 200 amps, 500PPS, 250HZ. The little machines really rocks on aluminum and titanium. It is killer on magnesium also. There are lots of transmission cases out there full of magnesium. Drop to 150amps and your duty cycle is 60%! I think these figures are well on the conservative side.

        Well, there you have my opinion of Miller's latest and greatest engineering marvel! It is well worth the money! You may want to consider Coolmate 3 since it is stackable. I chose the Coolmate 4 because it suits my mobile needs as well as my shop needs.

        All this being said, just imagine what the Dynasty DX 300 amp machine is capable of running a 75%helium/25%argon mix!?!?!

        Here is a quote from Bertram Chase, owner of Welding Dynamiks,"The D200DX is an awesome machine with so much untapped potential I am not sure Miller is even aware of it...". Bertram's company specializes in the welding of aluminium, titanium and other hard to weld specialty alloys.

        Tips on welding cast aluminum transmission housings: Number one (1)! tip is get a Dynasty 200DX or 300 DX machine with the above mentioned torch and a good cooler, take trans apart if possible, "v" out the crack with a carbide bit die grinder to minimize contamination from a regular angle grinding wheel, drill each end of the crack to stop further crack spreading, preheat to 250-300 degress to bake off any oils and fluids-this is also an ideal interpass welding temperature for most aluminum alloys-, enjoy because TIG welding of aluminum is about the most fun a welder can have-beta-titanium is a lot of fun once you get past the cost of purge chambers, gas dams, and the headaches of failure because this stuff is an absolute nightmare to get right. Even the best welders in the industry have problems with the beta alloys.


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          Where and when is this show? - I can't seem to find it under Trade Shows on this site....


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            Welcome to the forum!

            Here's the link with location, dates, registration (free), etc.

            Wed, March 31 9 AM - 4 PM
            Thurs, April 1 9 AM - 1 PM LOCATION:
            Miller Electric Distribution & Training Center
            2225 Cedars Road, Suite M
            Lawrenceville, GA 30043
            Tel. 770-339-9656


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              Thanks, I've been on the Hobart board for a while - even the old one, and just registered here so I could post.

              My link didn't go to the home page and I didn't think to look there...


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                Sometimes they hide things. Andy has posted this link some weeks back or a lot of us probably would still not know. Will you be able to go? There will be some great deals on Miller equipment.


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                  for those of you that make it to the show... please bring back pics and impressions of equipment and trends to share with the rest of us when you return...
                  Have Fun

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