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Plasma cutter shade ?

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  • Plasma cutter shade ?

    I was using my plasma cutter last night and was wondering what the official safety recomendations are. Are they the same as cutting with a O/A torch or the same as TIG welding because of the arc associated with the procces? The main concern I have is what shade to use when cutting. I know this seems a bit basic but I have yet to see a plain answer in print. I always lean toward normal welding protection standards butI see others doing nothing! Thanks, Jeff
    200DX 350P 625 Plasma & other stuff I forgot

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    i do alot of duct work (kitchen eq) and i am guilty of not using a shade aat all just safty glasses, yeah i know !!

    i usually cheat by using the cup to hide the arc, but if im doing alot of cutting i will wear a shade 10 its just a p.i.t.a to see what you are cutting

    but i would recomend a #9 or 10



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      Shade for plasma cutting.

      A shade 5 is what is usually recommended, the same as o/a cutting.


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        I am with scote. I use a #5 shade for plasma cutting especially if drag cutting because the arc is hidden. I step up to a shade 9-10 for stand off cutting where is the arc is clearly visible. As I have aged the lens shades have lightened up a number or 2. This business is hard on the eyes, but I love it!