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  • extension cord

    I have a hobart handler 175 and can't find a extension cord for this unit, does anybody know where I could order one or do I need to make one up myself???

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    magnum 21,
    I saw a pre-made ext. cord on ebay not long ago.You could check there. If it were me, I'd just make my own. Who knows, may end up cheaper in the long run.

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      Ext. cord


      You don't say how far you want to get from your receptacle, but if your best effort does'nt net you a factory made cord in your neck of the woods, you will be fine fabricating your own cord from #10/3 SO wire and the appropriate ends from your local electrical supplier. You can probably go 100' without a problem, but I would be looking at #8/3 SO wire over 50' if $$ are OK.

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        BR Welders carries an extension cord!!!!!!!!!


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          You will be fine with 10/3 on the 175. Its only a few $ more to get the 8/3; then you would be set fora larger welder in the future. I got mine from Welding Depot before I saw them at BR. Prices are the same either way. It is cheaper to buy made up.


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            Extension cord

            I made my own 50 FT cord using 6/3 SO wire. Made a box at the business end that has two different 240 VAC outlets and four 120 VAC outlets. With this set up I have power available for my MIG, stick welder, grinder, fan etc., with one cord.

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              I must agree with you. Too many extension cords are a hazard. I have done the same thing to power my Coolmate 4 cooler and Dynasty from the same power cable.


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                your best bet is to make one just the way you want it. I see your in NY, If you can find i.e. Fleet Farm or Tractor Supply Co. or something in that nature you'll probly find something.
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                  I do have a tractor supply by me but the problem is the end has a parralel plug with a round ground and all tractor supply has is a 1/2 moon ground
                  everyone else I appreciate the responses and will probably get the cord made up at Br