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    You are a definite asset to this board. Your persistent attitude has not only cleared up the "Onan" mystery, it has also unlocked the door to the manual safe. I feel sure that those with Onan/Robin/Suburu/**** engines will also thank you.

    I learned something, and for that I also thank you.

    I also want to thank AlGore. What would we do without the internet!!!


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    I'll second that!


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      while I am glad that the ONAN/Robin quest was enjoyed... NO kudos were warranted as the information was sought as much for my own personal piece of mind as it was for any other reason... I had bought a Trailblazer with the Robin engine... and thus had a pretty large stake in finding out what was what... good or bad...... happy it is turning out as it has...
      This Forum is a great place to exchange information... It is free of most of the foolishness that plagues many other "welding" forums... Why is it like this???? The Quality of people that participate... is the biggest factor... people like HAWK .. who draws on his knowledge and takes the time to explain in understandable terms...
      and Andy who shares his knowledge... but also has a very important part that may go unnoticed by most... he is the "Moderator" thus .. gently tries to steer us away from foolishness... and in rare cases I guess he must intervene to give some inappropriate actor a heads up off line...
      and so, so many other people...far to many to name... this is our forum and all that participate help to make it what it is...
      The consistant high quality and standards displayed in posts ... is directly related to the caliber of the people who participate....
      I for one learn a lot here and hope that the tone and integrity never changes... and very glad that Miller provides us with a "Free" place to exchange Ideas and Information..... WITHOUT... the posturing, bashing, bragging, pontificating.... etc etc... stuff that is the norm in other places.



      The more you know, The better you know, How little you know

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        I agree with Heiti. This forum is definitely "garbage free." Heiti, Hawk,Andy,Dan,Moe and others make this forum informative without all of the bashing, bragging and high personal opinions seen elsewhere. Keep up the good work y'all!!!!!!!!!
        Kudos to Miller too for the forum!!!

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