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    the Hornell 9000Xi has actually been out for a while and is already being replace with a 9002X. If your in the market for a helmet also try the new Miller elite, I like it better than my Hornell, so I bought one.
    Miller Dynasty 200DX 4/04
    Miller Big Window Elite helmet-much better than my old Speedglass 9000X
    Miller Millermatic 135 06/02
    Miller Spectrum 375 cutmate 04/03


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      The new Big Window Elite is great! My Optrel Satellite has become a back up helmet. Right now the Satellite is collecting dust.


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        I have not heard anything new on the grinder. How does it perform? I put a 5" diamond wheel on my bench grinder and do the final grind and polish after the rough cut on the other wheel which is a 7" silica carbide wheel. It's a great shop setup and produces some of the best hand ground points I have seen.


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          Have been very busy and haven't had much time lately. There are some good and bad points about this unit. The manufacturer was recently made aware of a design flaw (by me), and they are investigating it and getting back to me on it, and I was holding posting a review until then, I expect to post some info on it within a week along with some digital pictures of the grinds.


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            Sorry to hear you are so busy. Welding has been pretty much my life for a long time and I would not know how to act if I could not weld.
            If for some reason the grinder you are evaluating does not work out, here is a link to the "cat's Meow" the model Piranha II is great up to 3/32" and the Piranha III is the big cat daddy of them all. These are excellent machines built for the forever haul! The PII list at $700 with the PIII nearly 2x that. However, they are the best made and most pros I know are using them and have been for some time. There are more expensive units on the market, but probably none better than the Piranhas. Also DG makes killer pre-ground tungsten!
            Here is the link:
            Diamond Ground Products Offers the Best Tungsten Electrodes & Tungsten Grinders in The Welding Industry. ☎ 805-498-3837