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  • Saferty......always.

    I felt that i needed to post here goes.since i found this site i have read all the postings and im amased at the high grade of professional people that post here.i have also noticed alot of new members that come here for advise.(new guys and gals entering the wonderful and challengin world of welding).2 days ago i picked up the local paper and on the head line was LOCAL MAN Hospitalized After appears that he was using a cutting tourch to cut open a 55 gal drum when i blew up sending him some 30 ft backwards and the drum some 50 ft into the air.This gave me chills to even think of the extent of what happens when people dont stop and think.I myself was asked by a customer a few yrs back that showed up at my shop asking me to cut open 4 drums so he could use them for trash barrels.i advised him that i DO NOT CUT ON DRUMS.when i walked outside with him i noticed that the 4 drums had held paint thinner,and he advised me that he was going to cut them his self but had run out of oxygen.Thats why he came to see me.All i could do was shake my head in disbelife.SO my message to all new guys and gals ...never try to open drums with a cutting tourch ....or any sealed advise before trying...sorry for the long post.but felt this was a good place to mention.
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    Just to mention a few

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    Great post, you can't say enough about shop/welding safety. My biggest complaint with the current "Monster Shows" is there lack of safety shown in the filming. The rip it off and throw it mentality would get you fired in the places I've worked.
    As for the 55 gal drums I've cut my share of them open. But I always knew what was in them and how to handle them. I also know a man that didn't, He only has one leg now, when it blew the steel ripped and wrapped around his leg, they couldn't save the leg.
    I used to weld on/in Aluminum gasoline tankers, the company had a stricked safety policy that had to be followed and it worked. At another job a few years later I had a manager order me to weld on a trailer that was used to transport Rum from Puerto Rico (they haul it at 200 proof). I told him I was packing my tools, he called the tank owners and apologized to me, they cleared the tank and put it in there shop for repair. My point, when in doubt, don't do it!


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      timw and welder99: Thanks guys, safety needs to be the first and formost in our thoughts before producing take over our thought processes. I've gotten up on a soap box a few times over these safety issues, glad to hear it from others, concerned about not enough forethought prior to starting an arc, saw, grinder or any equipment.

      Thanks weld well, weld safe