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Horror Story Pt II(was re: Decisions)

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  • Horror Story Pt II(was re: Decisions)

    The Dealer did exchange the plasma cutter for a new unit. The new unit came just as damaged as the first, here is a picture of the box before I opened it:
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    In order to avoid flooding the whole list with the bloody details of this entire story, and for those that missed the first half, I spent about an hour today, compiling the entire story (with pictures) on a web page, to see the whole story, check out:



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      I am sorry to hear of your long and frustrating experience. I am glad IO took great care of you. Thanks for the recommendation. I am sure they too are grateful. I


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        Those pictures make me sick! I just bought a 625 the first of the year and I'm so happy with it I pat it on the head and ask how it's doing when I walk by it in the shop. (when no one is around of course)
        I would try the Better Business Bureau or those TV trouble shooters. I wouldn't let it go with out some kind of bad press for the shipper. Most of the shipping people do care and those that don't belong in the democrat's unemployment line!