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Miller VS Lincoln

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    With all my pennies accounted for in the previous post I must say Miller has the best equipment available for my purposes: MRO, PIPE, and precision GTAW of specialty alloys in a controlled environment.


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      Initial quality issues being the same, I have to say that service offered to the end user is the deciding factor for me. I own 3 Blues and 2 Reds. Everything works fine. I had a problem with a WC-24 miller controller and called the tech line; not only did he spend a fair amount of time with me but he also gave me a private line to call back after after more diagnosis. The problem turned out to be nothing (my fault) but the effort put out by my guy at Miller was above and beyond! I have spoken with lincoln and will not say anything negative about them or their equipment. As a hobbiest I might not be smart enough to keep my helmet down but I do recognize service for a little guy. Did I mention that my red TIG was sold today and my 200DX is in the wings....I don't write very often but the MILLER way of taking care of ALL of their customers deserves a mention when it is called for. Thanks for listening, JEFF
      200DX 350P 625 Plasma & other stuff I forgot


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        Congratulations on the Dynasty DX!!! Yes, Miller has the best customer service I have ever encountered!!!