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  • The Selection Process

    Hey Y'all--

    I got my first taste of welding last summer and plan to become very capable of producing quality Stick and TIG welds by the end of the summer through a lot of continued practice. So my question to all of you is what would be a smart purchase? The Maxstar 150 STH? I think that would work because it is portable, and could run 120V both of which are necessary for me. But if any one has one of these or any suggestions of their own, please let me know.

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    it really depends,

    it depends on what your plannig on doing, the maxstar seem like a good machine but its only 150 amps, might be great for tigging thin sheet steel but you are limited on the stick side.

    so with that said just

    good luck,brian


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      If you are looking for an excellent DC TIG/Stick machine, the Maxstar 200DX is a nice one. 200 amps of Tig or Stick. 120-460 volts AC, 1 or 3 phase (+/- 10%). All the pulse and sequence options with the DX model, and...I have one for sale...only because I purchased the Dynasty 200DX for aluminum. That is the only reason it is for sale.