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Stainless Steel Tig.

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  • HAWK

    I would try DCSP, no pulse, 50-60 amps, fusion weld without filler, 3/32" or 1/16" if you have it, 2% thoriated tungsten, 12CFH argon. If you have a gap to fill, then filler may be necessary (309 .040" or 1/16" will work fine). You are running DCSP so you won't have an arc frequency adjustment. If all this fails, email me. I have a really cool trick for finicky weldments that are typcially DCSP. I'd rather you try a standard procedure first.

    You can use pulse at this amperage range. If you are having problems with arc stability, then turn on the pulser: 1.5PPS, 25% background amperage, 50% peak time. Add your filler when it pulses peak amperage. You can see the peak pulse: the arc goes brighter and the puddle is wider.

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  • Welder99
    started a topic Stainless Steel Tig.

    Stainless Steel Tig.

    Hawk @others.
    ive welded alot of Aluminum.but not alot of working on an old ss sink.correct me if im wrong,but im thinking its 304?(Food grade).im going to be using a SQ.wave355.would you suggest pulse?and if so the freq.ect 1/16 2%tungsten.15cfh.pure argon.would u also use 304 as filler?.ide say the base metal to be 1/16.any and all replays will be helpful...