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Dynasty 200DX-FINALLY!

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  • H80N
    Hand vs Foot

    glad you got it.... will get one eventually... on the amptrol question I have both pedals and hand... (rccs-14 for hand) ... the hand control took a bit of getting used to.. since I had learned with a pedal.. and used them for many years... but boy once you get used to it... is much easier for abnormal positions like under a chassis or twisted around inside a car where you might have to prop up the pedal and work it with an elbow or your knee... for sitting at a bench or many stand up positions I prefer the pedal but the hand control sure has a valuable place in my work... you might consider keeping both as they both have their place...
    hope this helps

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  • Carl
    started a topic Dynasty 200DX-FINALLY!

    Dynasty 200DX-FINALLY!

    Thank you again to all who responded to my questions about the Sync 250 Vs. the DyanstyDX. The DX with contractor kit showed up last Friday, and I'm still working out all the settings. Reading the manual makes makes minimal sense, since we only use a MM200 here, and what little tig I have done was 2 years ago on an old Lincoln that was already set up by the owner for the aluminum I was doing. I've got a lot of trial and error here to do to figure this whole thing out, but the only real sticking point seems to be the hand switch I choose with the kit. I really didn't know what to expect, especially considering that I could not find any Dyansty models locally, so it was hard to judge what I should have chosen. We will be doing some upside down frame work, so I figured the hand switch would be the way to go, but even the other experienced tig guys from around the corner don't like this rotary switch control. What is everyones feeling on this? Do you eventually get used to it, or will it's operation always ache? If it was at least a toggle type pot, just a smaller foot pedal version, that seems like it would be OK, but there is just no "Feel" to this rotary encoder. It sucks that I had to spend $3000 on a machine that I bought purely on product specs, but had never even seen, but oh well. Now, as I understand it, it's "Only' $220 more to rectify my mistake in chosing, and get a foot pedal. (Anyone got a foot pedal for sale?!)
    But it's not all bad, we've got the best possible welder for the things we will be doing, all I need to do now is learn how to fully utilize it!