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    ive been looking at the maxstart 150 tig inverter i will be doing alot of mild steel and some 4130 crmo prob .120 wall would that be the machine to go with or should i look into somethign else. its goin to be some lite fabrication roll cages/custom bumpers.... help

    im paul

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    the best thing for you to do is get in touch with your miller dealer, bring some pieces of material that you plan on using and take it for a test drive,

    these machines are not cheap! and therefore TRY BEFORE YOU BUY !!

    take the time to check out the transformer machines too, you might get into some aluminum some day and regret buying a dc only machine

    what experiance do you have ?



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      tig welder

      ive been gtaw for a 1 1/2 yrs i use the synowave 350 all the time i weld mostly on alum and s.s. ill have my cert by summer time. ive never tried mild steel or 4130 but i hear its easy i just want somethign thats simple and easy to move around... for ss and alum i would go with the syn250 but its too big i dont think ill be working on alum at home..... chances are just to be safe i would prb go with the sync250


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        If you are looking strictly for a DC machine the Maxstar 200 is really nice. If you want AC/DC, the Dynasty is a killer machine. I think I would rather have the 200 amp version of the Maxstar because of the the amperage range if needed, interchangeability with the standard 14 pin connectors rather than a 6 pin odd ball. Yes the 200 amp machines are 40 pounds and the 150 is what-15pounds? The 200 amp machines in the DX model offer great pulse function and the they have nice sequencing too. If you are considering the Sync 250 at home, you may want to check out the Dynasty 200DX. It is an awesome machine. Full featured and adjustable every which way.