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    I'm starting to do a little research on buying a plasma cutter and have a couple questions. (Don't want to buy the wrong machine) I normally would use the machine to cut 1/4" and 3/8" thick mild steel. I do ocasionally cut 1/2" mild steel plate 24" x 24" with some smaller square 4" holes cut in it witch brings me to my question. When starting the cut on these 4" squares would you drill a hole in the corner of the square or just make sure your machine can pierce that thickness of material?

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    Spectrum 625 seems like the machine for what you have described. I know we had a few questions on P cutters so you may want to use the search function on the board and see who has said what about.

    I have an old second hand P cutter and while I am not cutting the thickness you are I don't find myself needing to drill anything. My biggest problem is keeping my hand steady but thats because I dont have the right work set-up just yet.
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      I've had my Spectrum 625 for about 6 weeks and I am still learning. I haven't cut any plate that thick but I have pierced 1/4" and there was nothing to it! you just aim the torch at an angle and blow the metal out till you penetrate much like you would do with a gas torch. I cut a lot of 1/2" bolt heads off ( 3/4") and I just start on the side and wash them off. Once the arc starts the torch shoots out a flame almost an inch long. I am very happy with the 625, I used a plasma 10 years ago but only for a short time so you might as well say I have no experience. I have burned a lot with a torch and they are simular but plasma is faster. Also neat feature, to cut a straight line on plate just grab a 2X4 for a straight edge. Cuts so quick it barely burns the wood. You do need a decent compressor for the 625. I have a 5HP 2 stage so I have plenty of air but I can see how you could work a smaller one.