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wire size and setting

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  • wire size and setting

    What wire size would be best for welding 3/16 steel.
    I am using mm175.

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    If you do lots of thin stuff also, I'd go with .030 on solid wire. If not, mostly heavier stuff, use .035.
    Fluxcore .... I prefer .035 mainly for deposition rates I guess. .030 fc was a topic discussed rather heavily on another board. It all boiled down to preference and what the machine liked. Buy small spools of both and try them out. They'll have subtle variences in performance. See which you like and let us know the "what and why ".
    My two cents.

    '06 Trailblazer 302
    '06 12RC feeder
    Super S-32P feeder

    HH210 & DP3035 spool gun
    Esab Multimaster 260
    Esab Heliarc 252 AC/DC


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      jrock: check your owners manual but when I ran flux core on my weldpak 110 I had to reverse the polarity of the pos and neg. Check it out if you do try flux core. Me I prefer straight wire mig since there is less cleanup, on 3/16 .030 should work great. I've pushed it on 3/8 with my mm210. Just remember heavier material less duty cycle.

      The biggest thing is get used to what you choose and practice alot before you give up on whichever process, whichever wire thickness. Most ov my biggest weld problems end up being OE-operator error- in other words my greatest asset is being willing to assume its me first and the equipment last. Good luck