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Dyanasty Again: Hawk and guys

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  • Dyanasty Again: Hawk and guys

    Having a Trailblazer 280NT, will the Dynasty 200DX operate from it and if so will it operate at full power??
    As always this is a big decision, but I want to go mobile also.

    I would hope to combine the Trailbalzer 280NT with::
    Dynasty 200DX, Plasma MM 2050,a Suitcase and Spoolmatic 30A (with controller).
    In my shop I still have the Synchro 250, Vintage and MM172.
    Will run the Spoolmatic 30A off the Vintage with appropriate controller.

    Does this sound like the best and most complete compatible combo I can get????

    I only want to do this once, am in this for good.

    Any Thoughts please.

    Oh, have decided to keep my MM 250 Synchro in the shop as it is still new but thanks for the ones who were interested. If I change my mind I will surely give you guys first DIBBS.

    Ordered a cover and some wire from BR, they were great to deal with..

    Also saw a post concerning the Onan engine which is on my trailblazer,are some "Onans" better or worst than others say depending on production year? If my trailblazer goes out I would go for the 301G. What does a new Kohler engine cost (20HP)??
    Not much said about the Diesel 301, are they good?? Thanks

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    I run the Dynasty off my Trailblazer at full power with no problems. The torch gets a bit warm but it can be done. I know HAWK has just done some more with his on the Trailblazer and he puts a HE/AR mix gas on it to weld thicker material. He is adding a water cooler and water cooled torch for his. I just use the standard air cooled set up for mine. The Spool 30A will run great off the Vintage with a WC-24 control box (which you have to get anyway for the Trailblazer) you'll also need a 14 pin receptacle kit for your Vintage if it doesn't have one already installed. The set up you are looking at is great and I don't think you will be disappointed.

    Good luck.



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      I had a few problems at first running my D200DX from the Trailblazer. I switched to an 8 gauge extension cord with 60 amp pin/sleeve connectors. Now it runs great at 200 amps, 250 HZ. Andy is right on the gas mix. I am running a 75%Helium/25%Argon to kick up the heat. I also picked up a trick from Dave Fisher at Miller to cover the larger weldments in a thermal glass blanket to hold in the heat when you are on the borderline of flowing the metal or not. I have found I can easily do 1/4" x2" x2" tube and 1/4" plate fillets with this set up powered from the Trailblazer. I am in the process of converting to a Miller DB20 water cooled torch and Coolmate 4 because the HE/AR mix is hot, hot, hot! I am also going to use it on the HF box when running 300 amps DCSP on 1/2" groove joints.
      I also have a #26 two wire air cooled torch for the jobs that require less finesse.

      The Kohler engines are great! The water cooled diesel is really nice. That is what Andy is running. I would too, but I invested the difference in the Kohler and the Kubota in accessories. By the time the Kohler kicks the bucket, I'll probably go with the Pro 300 diesel. It is a DC machine only, but I'll still have the Dynasty.