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Dynasty 200DX and Water Cooled Torch

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  • Dynasty 200DX and Water Cooled Torch

    To all the Dynasty 200 users out here:

    I have always used the 150 air cooled DB17 torch supplied with the contractor's kit. It is a fine torch and gets the job done. However, I am spending considerable time running at 140 amps or above with 100% argon and have gone to 75He/25%Ar mix at 200 amps for some thicker large surface area weldments. Has anybody considered going with a Miller Coolmate watercooler and a water cooled torch like the DB20?

    After some textbook research and talking with the TIG guys at Miller I have decided to try this route. I have ruined several pair of kid skin gloves from 140 amps with argon welding 2 hours and more at a sitting. They are stiff and black from the heat. After about 30 minutes of welding the little 150 DB17 gets so hot it won't cool down sufficiently to continue welding comfortably. Not only is the torch uncomfortable, but I can't finish the job because I can't hang on to it long enough to complete a run.

    Anybody else having this problem? I have a Coolmate and torch in route. I can't wait to feel the difference and be able to finish the job.

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    have a HW-26 style air cooled 200amp torch for the Trailblazer..
    is a great big bulky thing.... have always preferred the #20 style of water cooled... much smaller.. ... and easier on the hand for extended use... let us know how that combo works out for the Dynasty and mobile use...

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