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    Where do you guys get your steel stock from? I have been welding for a few years, but just on auto restoration stuff. Mainly body panels and floor pans. I'm looking to fabricate some products myslef on my current resoration, as opposed to buying the products pre-fab'd through manufactures. I checked with my local welding supply shop and called around to a few places, but mainly they only deal with contractors or they sell industrial grade material (I-beams, etc). I'm looking for a shop that you a residential person can walk in tell them what you need or pick it out yourself and be on your way. I have only found 1 source and it seems to be McMaster Carr on the internet. However they have do not carry some of the more popular items, such as 2" box tubing for example. Obviously you may not know of dealers in my area, but does anyone have a online company or someone you can place orders through?


    Bronco STD

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    There is a chain/franchise of small metal stores called Metal Supermarket. I found the one in my area and they are great.

    Online you might check out - Metal Depot
    They seem to have a nice selection.

    I hope this helps,

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      Bronco STD.

      Triple S (SSS) Steel has few major stocking warehouses in the US. Their prices are very reasonable and some locations have a large amount of "dirty" steel. It is good material with light surface rust usually stored outdoors in an open air covered warehouse.

      Triple-S Steel Suppliers provide over 500,000 tons of steel products yearly. Small to large orders, we provide the highest quality metal fabrication accessories & supplies

      Triple-S Steel Locations

      We currently have 4 locations to serve you:

      Houston North
      open 8-5 m-f and till noon on sat
      6000 Jensen Drive
      Houston, Texas 77026
      Toll Free: 800-392-3655
      Phone: 713-697-7105
      Fax: 713-697-5945
      Email Us

      Houston South
      open 8-5 m-f and till noon on sat
      8603 Monroe
      Houston, Texas 77061
      Toll Free: 800-231-1034
      Phone: 713-941-1941
      Fax: 713-941-1499
      Email Us

      San Antonio
      open 8-5 monday- friday
      2707 Castroville Road
      San Antonio, TX 78237
      Toll Free: 800-725-4776
      Phone: 210-431-0088
      Fax: 210-431-0701
      Email Us

      open 8-5 monday- friday
      4800 Beverly Road
      Knoxville, TN 37918
      Toll Free: 800-251-9572
      Phone: 865-687-1251
      Fax: 865-687-0992
      Email Us


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        When I had my shop in Chantilly,Va. I got almost all of my steel from Arlington Iron Works. I also used a shop in Manassas on occasion. Don't remember which one ..... just remember it being fairly close to Roberts Oxygen.

        Triple S is a good co. I use them here in San Antonio.
        Hope this helps.


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