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  • Refinery

    Can a gas driven welder be used in a refinery? With spark arresters?I would like to know so if I get a Trailblazer .If it could be used in all situations ,any restrictions of any type of work for this unit?

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    Sure. I've used gas mach. plenty of times in refineries. They usually sniff the area and rope it off,randomly sniff or you may be required to post a fire watch person with a sniffer. A hot or burn permit is required (company supplies this). Any valves will be closed that they deem nessasary. Revpol


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      Is there a differentiation between gas, LP, and diesel-powered?


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        I do the diesel when going to an industrial or construction site. I hate bringing extra cans of gas in the back of my truck. Plus, in a pinch I have got diesel from the site manager.



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          Thanks guys I may have the chance to do some work in a refinery .I couldnt figure out why "Ive heard"only diesel welders where allowed in a refinery .After all the weldor would be welding!


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            guess ill have to throw in my 2 cents worth,(besides i enjoy this place to much not to post a responce).i have welded in refiners several times.gas or diesel and Lp one of the other guys said (you will need a burn or welding permit) most of the time it will tell on the permit all the info you will need at the site you are welding or burning,(and there only good for that day).The one thing that i have always run into is that you can only run a welder that runs on LP in side a building due the the fumes a gas or diesel put out.One thing i want to add is (ALWAYS ....BECAREFUL at the site.) long time back i was at a refinery and was told that the pressure vessle we were going to work on was all purged out and ready for welding buy the site manager.(well guess what?) we cut into the unit and poof..out came a cloud of amonia.we were up 40 ft in the air on cat walk and about fell off trying to out of the area.LUCKY we made it.needless to say...ONE SITE MANAGER GOT A CHEWING OUT..always double check.its good money,but can be very dangerous.
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              I've never seen a gas driven machine in a refinery myself, only diesel. But I haven't been in one since the mid 1990's, and I'm sure different properties have different regulations. So your best bet is to check with the particular plant you are interested in. Rules seem to vary from one location to another inside a refinery, and new construction may have different requirements from modification work.

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