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I've made a decision on my dragster frame

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  • I've made a decision on my dragster frame

    I stripped the frame down to bear metal and I’ve decided to scrap the Dragster frame. There are too many stick welds, cracks, butt weld joints and holes. I might as well start from scratch. I already have a 6-point Chromoly roll cage and shoulder hoop and there are a lot of parts that are usable on the old unit, such as the front axle unit, wheels, the complete steering assembly, the torsion bar suspension and the hair pins. I only have to buy about $300 worth of tubing and when I’m finished I’ll have a very safe unit and not have to worry about it coming apart, half way down the strip. Even though I’ll be running a Injected Flathead Ford V8 (low 10’s High 9’s) it will be certified to 7.50 seconds. Thanks to all who helped.

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    Give us some progress reports and pictures


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      Hi, That sounds like a great project and you are definitely on the right web site from an assembly point of view. Keep us posted on your progress as you put it together. If you are ever coming to Gateway in St. Louis let me know ahead of time as we are usually there on Friday night racing my son's Jr. car. Good Luck, Jeff Bonifield.
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