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  • question on Maxstar 200LX

    Hello all! I have a question about the Maxstar 200LX. My friend owns this model, and I spoke briefly to him about my interest in learning Tig. I want to soon buy a 200DX. He told me of features his LX has that the DX does not, but I don't understand in laymans terms i what the true differences/advantages of the LX would be. I see that the DX uses an Air-cooled torch. Does the LX use a water and/or an air-cooled torch, as it seems he owns 2 different torches. Are there any real advantages to the LX model?? Thanks for the help!

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    Just a quick look at the front panel show that the Maxstar does not have the AC frequency control that the Dynasty has. The rest seems similar. Hawk has both these machines and will be able to better explain the differences. And let's not forget Andy, I'm sure that he knows also.

    Bob Sigmon
    Bob Sigmon
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      The LX offers a few automated interface options but it does have anything to do with the type of torch used. The 150 amp air cooled torch is sufficient for this machine. However, a water cooled torch may be the way to go if you will be operating the Maxstar at the upper end of the amperage range for any period of time. The air cooled torch gets hot. I am currently running an air cooled 150 amp torch on my Dynasty 200DX, but have ordered a water cooled set up. I will post my thoughts after using it for a week or two.

      The features that are specific to the Maxstar 200LX are related to the Sequencer controls.

      The DX will: Select a starting amperage different from the weld amperage. Select amount of time to slope up or down from the initial start amperage to the actual weld amperage. Select the amount of time required to slope up or down from the weld amperage to the final amperage.

      As you can see the DX offers a full featured sequencing menu.

      The LX will do all the above plus: Select the amount of time needed at the beginning of the weld. Select the amount of time needed to complete the weld sequence. Adjust the amount of time needed at the end of the weld.

      These additional parameter adjustments provided by the LX are rendered useless unless there is some sort of automation interface requirement. The LX features are really not pertinent to manual TIG welding. I am not saying this because I have a DX model for sale. I too looked at the LX model before buying the DX.

      Yes there is a night and day difference between the basic SD model and the DX because it adds the pulse and sequence controls. However, the DX and LX are the same animal as far as manual TIG welding is concerned.


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        Thanks for the info. dhdh71 is referring to 2 different models of the Maxstar 200, DX and LX, just as the Dynasty 200 is offered in an SD and DX. To address the Maxstar Dynasty issue: You are correct the Dynasty has the arc frequency adjustment. This is because it offers AC for the ease of doing aluminum and magnesium. The Dynasty offers numerous other features dealing with the AC portion ot the machine. The Maxstar is a DC only machine.


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          As usual, thanks for the helpful answers, I appreciate!!