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    I am practicing on some Anodized tubing and I am having trouble with the anodizing floating up in the weld puddle making it look like porosity....I was told to grind it off before I weld, is this correct or required?

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    with a machine like the synchro 250 that I have... you do have to grind off the anodized layer... but my understanding is that with and inverter machine like the Dynasty 200 that has variable frequency.. that you no longer need to... a Dynasty owner/user could tell you more
    hope this helps

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      I have been practicing with the Dyn.200 I seem to get the "grey" film without grinding it off. I know some of the marine tower builders don't like to grind thier tubing or so I have been told.


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        Grind just enough anodized coating to get the arc started. Crank up your arc frequency to 250HZ to narrow your bead and set your pulse rate to the maximum of 500PPS. Set your background % at 30 and peak time % at 50. You might turn the arc frequency down and widen the bead enough to cover over your grind width where you started. I find this set up will float your impurities to the top and leave a nice looking bead. I TIG 90% of all I do with a D200DX. The other 10% is with a HF box on my Trailblazer. It does a good job, but does not have the control of the Dynasty. Let me know what happens.


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          Thanks for the tips . I will try that tomorrow and let you know.