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    Thanks for the write up on the new Miller helmet. I got mine yesterday and it is really great! I am having some problems with it fogging up between the magnifying lens and the lens in the helmet. Is there some kind of spray or cleaner that will prevent fogging?

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    rain-x has an anti-fog solution you can buy at your local auto store or wal-mart. its back in the windshield wiper section. i use it on my personal vehicle and it works good. not sure what it will do to plastic. i would wait for hawk or andy to respond before actually trying it. but i do know it works good on car windows. you just wipe it on with a cotton cloth and wait for it to dry to a haze. then use a dry cloth to wipe it clear. maybe someone has an anti-fog spray made just for welding helmets. just thought i'd let you know about the rain-x.


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      I am glad you like the Elite. I don't use a magnifier so I have not encountered that problem. If you want to try the Rain-x as shane7207 suggested, be sure to only apply it to your mag lens and take it out of the Elite before trying. All it will cost is $5 for the mag lens if you ruin it.

      I have seen antifog sprays for eyeglasses and wonder if that may be a better way to go. Again take the mag lens out of the helmet first. Try the eyeglass section at Wal-mart.

      Maybe Andy has a better idea???


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        I race motorcycles and we use a no fog spray and they also make a anti-fog cloth. I think that the cloth works really well and it's made for the lexan lenses in our goggles. You could get it at any motorcycle shop or even a snow ski shop they use it also.

        hope that helps