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Miller 9400i adjustuments

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  • Miller 9400i adjustuments

    I was trying to figure out adjustments on my 9400 Miller helmet. When I lean over something or look down, it does not stay up. I tried tightening two side knobs but am concerned of damaging by over-tightening. With flip top, do you just not flip it up at all? Is there adjustment I am missing?

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    If it's the new Miller headgear it's just a bad design. It's very comfortable but the shield perpetually falls down. I've had it for so long now I've learned to work around it, and have the knobs very tight.


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      My 9400I did the same thing. I just tightened the side knobs until they will go no tighter. After some time of flipping up and down, it tends to loosen up but just keep tightening it up. If it breaks, buy the new Generation III, much comfier than the Gen II that came with the helmet.
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