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mounting my bobcat 250 on a trailer

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  • mounting my bobcat 250 on a trailer

    So i finally got around to building a trailer for my bobcat 250. So i have a question about mounting it to the trailer. Do i need any kind of isolator (rubber bushings or springs)? I was thinking of a vibration isolator used for roof top A/C units, or would it be just a waist of time. The only reason I'm wondering is the axle has very stiff springs on it (for now)

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    I do not think they are required. A Miller Representative could tell you better, but I believe they are already built into the machine and the mounting frame. Considering the hundreds I have seen mounted on trucks and trailers over the years, I have not seen anyone further isolate it via extra anti-vibration mounts.


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      I would imagine the trailer tires would provide some insulation. If you plan on leaving vehicle attached while it runs, and be inside vehicles, vibrations could transfer through the hitch.

      What I have used for other, similar applications, are samples of rubber flooring made from recycled tires. In third world countries, they do the same by cutting up old tire that still has some flexibility to it to make a small square pad.


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        Bobcat on Trailer

        I have a Bobcat 225 permanently mounted on a utility trailer. Before mounting the Bobcat, I removed the wood trailer decking and added steel supports for the Bobcat, so it would be tied down to the steel frame of the trailer.

        After reinstalling the wood decking, the Bobcat was bolted down direct to the steel framing.. No problems with vibration or other.

        As said so far as shock loading of the Bobcat, run appropriate tire pressure..
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          Bolt er down.


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            Just bolt it down. Mounting is all covered in the manual BTW.


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              Heck I've seen them welded directly to the truck bed or trailer.


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                Thanks guys, it was just a thought that popped into my head. Had to ask