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Welder identification and age

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  • Welder identification and age

    Hello, I just purchased a Miller 340 A/BP welder serial number H140036. I have tried looking up the age of this machine as well as looking for a manual specific to this machine but I can't find either.

    The serial number of this machine doesn't seem to match the pattern listed by Miller for getting the age of the machine.

    Is this machine some type of specialty machine that wasn't sold to the general public? I can't think of any other reason that the serial number would be different.

    Also, I'd like to clean and lubricate the rheostat for fine amp control and for high frequency control. Is it safe to use a product like Caig DeOxit 5 on those types of controls? I was also considering cleaning and lubricating the rheostat in the foot pedal.



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    I had the same problem trying to find a manual for am old Millermatic 200 I bought last year. A call to Miller with the serial number had a copy in email to me within a day. 920 734 9821. The guy was really anxious to help. Hope they can find yours. Following may be close-H80N found this for someone in another thread a while ago. I was not able to make it a hot link so you will have to copy-paste the URL. Edit--looks like the forum SW turned it into a link.

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