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    I'm brand new to welding and new to this forum. I'm taking a welding class and we started with oxy-acetylene welding. Right off the bat I'm having problems holding the torch comfortably, I'm holding it like a pencil, and I keep burning holes thru the metal when trying to lay a bead. Im hoping to learn if theses are common problems for beginners and to pick up any tips to help. Thank you.

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    Can you melt a puddle on a thin sheet and move it along without using filler and without burning through?

    You might want to buy a used copy of the Union Carbide/Linde "The Ox-Acetylene Handbook". Available cheap from Abe Books, Alibris or other on-line seller. I gave about $6. for an older second edition, delivered.

    Edit: A couple of pics with no filler:

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      try putting your elbows or arms on some edge of table or other to steady yourself. seems like you are moving too slow. I have not done oxy in a long time but have been dying to get back into it and buy a setup.

      If you are in a class, are the teachers and other students not helpful? That is really where you should be asking your questions. If people are not helpful, than see if you can switch to different class, or find other place to learn. I learned at a community college and everyone was amazing. Especially the professor.
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        Welcome to the forum.
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