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    Hello I have the digital elite stars and stripes 3 and I recently noticed in my stick welding class that I was seeing 3 arcs while I was welding. It was doing the same with household lights also. I went home changed outer lens and it did the same thing. I tried looking at the house light without the cover lens and it did not seem to have the 3 reflections but when I put the outside cover over the lens the 3 reflections come back I have changed the lenses 4 times I followed instructions and even looked on YouTube I don't know what to do anymore will the 3 arcs hurt me while welding? Please any insight on this problem would be appreciated.

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    You can try replacing the batteries, but when mine did that, it meant the automatic lens part (what I call the brains of the hood) is junk. There is nothing you can do to fix it if it is not the batteries.

    Miller has INCREDIBLE guarantees on their welding hoods, and a few times they have given me replacements (on both the brains and the hood itself).

    The procedure is thus; you take it back to where you bought it, they send it in to Miller to honor or not honor the guarantee based on abuse, lack of protection of the automatic lens, etc and if granted a replacement, the place you bought it gives you it. This can take a few weeks, so if you are like me, it is best to buy another automatic hood. "The Brains" are almost as much as an entire new hood, so if you do have to buy just 'the brains", plan on spending some money, but they are worth it.

    For me, Miller has graciously replaced both the outer welding hood and the brains. Miller has been more than fair considering I am a shipbuilder and the environment in which I work.
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      You aren't blocking the sensor with your hand, arm, or other object are you?