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Is a Miller 251292 Helm sufficient for my situation?

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  • Is a Miller 251292 Helm sufficient for my situation?

    I'm taking a welding course and I decided to buy my own helm instead of using the furnished ones from school. I purchased the Miller 251-292 that I will use for our first lab next Thursday 9/17/15. I brought it in to ask my teacher what he thought of it and he said the 1/10,000 lens darkening may not be enough and that the 20 amp TIG rating may also not be enough. The reviews I read from Amazon prior to buying this were enough to get me to make the purchase, but I thought I would ask here prior to returning it. Honestly I am so new I barely know anything about welding but from I gathered in class that I won't need to worry about the TIG rating unless I'm using an Inverter TIG Welder? I have no plans on ever getting into the more exotic metals, but I don't want to burn my eyes out in class, so I would prefer not to take chances and buy what I need, but at the same time not overspend on something I don't need. I will be going over a wide range of different welders this semester. Pretty much everything but inverter welders. The welders I will probably buy are Gas MIG, ARC and (down the road) an Oxy Acetylene.
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    I think you will be just fine. It darkens to shades 8-12 and I would surmise that the TIG rating is an " how low can you go" rating so it depends on what you are tigging. It is my understanding that these helmets filter the UV even if they don't darken so unless you have a problem with the initial flash of visible light, you should be okay. Good luck with your course.---Meltedmetal


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      Is a Miller 251292 Helm sufficient for my situation?

      It has been my experience that some of the OLDER auto darkening helmets don't do so well with inverters because the arc is much softer, or so to speak. I have both types of machines and have noticed the difference. On mine, you can adjust the sensitivity level, so if yours can, you should be fine.


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        As mentioned the hood will do just fine.

        They don't recommend it for low amperage welding- below 20amps- because it only goes down to a shade 8, which will most likely be too dark to be able to see the arc/puddle clearly. 20amps and below is some pretty thin material welding

        The 1/10000 switching speed [how fast it gets dark] is fine and the two Arc sensors will be ok as well.

        Sensitivity is how well it "see" low amperage arcs.

        Delay: How long is STAYS dark before returning to the clear state. Again, fine for you. If you were a production welder you might look at hoods that can control more precisely this duration.
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          The autodarks have gotten worlds better over the years

          My guess is that it is better than my 10 year old Big Window Elite.. which was considered phenominal for it's time... and still serves very well for low amperage TIG

          specs look good

          • Viewing Area – 5.15 sq. in - 3.75 x 1.375 in. (95 x 34 mm)
          • Features Variable Shades #8 - 12 and Light State #3
          • Two Arc Sensors – 1/10,000 sec. lens speed
          • Sensitivity and Delay Control – Slow/Fast
          • TIG rating – 20 Amps
          • Auto-On/Auto-Off power control
          • Weighs only 16 oz (454 g)
          • Rechargeable Solar Cell
          • Convenient Magnifying Lens holder
          • Meets ANSI Z87.1+ (2010) and CSA Standards
          • Hard Hat Adapter accessory available (Universal - #222003, Slotted Hard Hat - #259637)


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            Is a Miller 251292 Helm sufficient for my situation?

            When people ask me what hood to get, I tell them to get the most comfortable, best quality hood try can afford with comfort being first. I also recommend against a hood that does not have serviceable batteries. Although I had a cheap-o, non-replaceable battery hood last for a very long time until the batteries just wouldn't charge anymore.

            I want to give one of those low volume save phace hoods a shot. I like how small they are.