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  • XMT 304 help 2


    I am looking into potentially buying an Xmt 304. The seller states that it displays help 2 and help 3. What are the likely causes and would the associated costs be greater than the value of the machine?

    Thank you very much!

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    Display board requires replacement


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      Not sure on the cost for parts, but do know the 350 and 354 machines are much, much better. Not sure if you can get some used in your area at a decent price, but if I could; I would.


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        From the Troubleshooting section of the manual:

        Help 2 Display
        Indicates a malfunction in the thermal protection circuitry located on the left side of the unit. If this display is shown, contact a Factory Authorized Service Agent.

        Help 3 Display
        Indicates the left side of the unit has overheated. The unit has shut down to allow the fan to cool it (see Section 3-2). Operation will continue when the unit has cooled.

        Could be a failure of the display board (PC3) as cruzier indicated but could also simply be a failed thermistor RT2.

        Contact Miller Customer Service (920-734-9821) and they can likely walk you thru checking them out or email you the information to do so.
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          The temperature thermistors will measure about 30k-32k Ohms at room temperature. And make sure they are actually plugged into the front panel display board correctly. If they are and the resistance is good, you will likely need the new board.


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            Pretty much never a thermistor, had some go in a rack hit by lightning. But 99% of the time it's the display board. There have been a few times where some insider has cut or yanked out the thermistor lines as the machines will go at a much lower cost at an auction though