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Multimatic 200 TIG Torch on the cheap

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  • Multimatic 200 TIG Torch on the cheap

    I am getting to know my Multimatic 200, and one of the things I am trying to get is a TIG torch for it. I've done a little digging, and I concluded that getting a 9 torch was probably better for me than a 17, because I tend to do small stuff.

    That decided, I have been looking at lower cost 9 torches.

    What would be really nice is one with a microswitch in the handle, so that I can start/stop the arc on the Multimatic 200, well, at least stop it. I know torches have a V for valve, and F for flex, but I have not seen a S for switch. Am I looking for the right thing?

    Thanks from a noob.
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    OK, I will bump this up by adding what I have learned thus far.

    The Miller contact switch, which I might use to enable the torch, and to kill the arc (initiating post flow), comes with about a 25 ft (I think actually 8m) cable, and is affordable at $200. Except not for me.

    The thumb driven current control is even pricier.

    So basically, this is like buying a PTT (push to talk) switch for a helicopter cyclic. So it looks like I will be spending some time for a while looking for the right microswitch that I can mount on a TIG torch, Rube Goldberg style.

    Until then, I will probably live like most DIY poorboys and do without.

    So that's my update, but I do have another question...

    Generally, do lower current TIG torches get their power through the connector for inert gas? And then specific to the Multimatic 200, if anyone has one, I trust that the TIG torch always connects through a Miller 195234 (as opposed to a Miller 195378, which appears to be for larger power supplies). Can anyone verify this?

    Thanks much.


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      Take a look at the attached......have you tried for Miller hard parts? I use them alot and their prices are about the best that I have found. On the smaller Miller/Weldcraft air cooled torches that I use, the "gas connection" is the power connection as well.
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        Multimatic 200 TIG Torch on the cheap

        What's that old saying about cheap tools? I can't remember how it goes.


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          Thanks for the vendor tip. Their parts prices are less than usual, but their kit price for the welder is higher. Actually, my LWS is pretty competitive with internet sources. I used to not think so, but they perhaps have changed their approach to be more customer friendly.

          Do the smaller 9 and 17 torches have the same connection...a male threaded fitting, for gas and power?

          I bought the 195234 adapter for my unit, which I was told would work on a 17, and I want to verify that it works on a 9 as well.

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