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sintered iron pulley

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  • sintered iron pulley

    I have a sintered iron pulley that needs to be welded to a steel coupler for a pulley getup on a trailer. Will be used to winch small equipment (like a riding mower) onto a trailer.

    Suggestions please?

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    I'm certainly no expert, but I recently had to weld a sintered part and even after grinding and acetoning, as soon as I put the TIG to it, it oozed oil out. I tried several times and it even burst into flames. I kept heating and washing it and finally all the oil left and I was able to weld it. Quite an experience.
    Not all sintered parts are oil filled, and hopefully yours is not. Have fun.
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      sintered iron pulley

      Ha! Awesome. What about TIG braze? Without any knowledge of welding sintered iron, my inclination is to treat it like cast iron and TIG braze it with aluminum bronze on AC. Done that successfully in the past.