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  • Another MIG ??

    Having both the MM 172 and the MM Vintage, I intend to set the machines thusly: MM 172 .023 liner, solid with gas, MM Vintage .030 Liner with gas. Thereby using the 172 only for small guage and the Vinatge for the thicker welds. Does this sound feasible.
    I am assuming the MM 172 will be just as good on the thiner metals as the Vintage would. Right???

    Thanks Again

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    I believe you would be better off using the Vintage with .035 wire; more versatile and lees costly. I haven't run a lot of .030 wire but I am not really happy with the results in my limited expeience. Also the .o30 would limit you on the high end where the .035 would do anything you needed, especially with the 172 for thin stuff.


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      I must agree with COPE. Running .035 ER70S-6 in your Vintage will give you a wide latitiude of materials to be welded from 1/8" on up to 1/2" in a single pass and 1" is not out of the question with the multi-pass technique.