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30a spool gun to cst 280

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  • 30a spool gun to cst 280

    I have a 30a spool gun and a miller wc-24. My question is can I hook these two to a cst 280 and it work.

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    Unfortunately it will not work like that.

    The WC-24 operates on 24 volts and hte CST-280 only has 15 VDC on pin "A". The CST only has this voltage there to allow the use of a finger or foot control to turn on the output (by closing pin "A" and "B").

    For this application you need a different power source that is constant voltage and has the Miller 14 pin connector. Or else you need to use the WC-115 interface that has the sense lead on it and the inside jumper that gets moved for "CC" operation.


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      Thanks for the replie. I knew it was a shot in the dark.