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Big 40G problem

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  • Big 40G problem

    I just got done putting a water pump and carb on my welder. It has a continental TM20 engine. It has not been run in years so I'm kind of starting from scratch. I finally got it to fire up and it was running good at high rev. I shut it off and buttoned a few things up, restarted it and it went to wide open. I noticed that the governor is pulling it to wide open throttle instead of regulating the rpms. Is this an oil controlled governor? Oil change?

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    Mechanical governor.

    If the unit has been sitting for a long time, the riser or flyweights could be seized due to rust. Just went thru one from a Big 20 that the riser was rusted solid to the main shaft. Took a little heat to break it loose when taking it apart and if the engine had ever been started (not that it could have in its condition) it would have gone wide open with no chance of controlling max speed.

    This might help:
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